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Who needs a personal coach?

Maybe you do--whether you know it or not?
New job. New employer. And new headaches when staffers resist your new approaches. How can you champion enough change to justify your hiring -- without rocking the boat so much that you endanger your career prospects?

Leaders in new positions often fail for a few common reasons: due to unclear or outsized expectations, a failure to build partnerships with key stakeholders, a failure to learn the company, industry or the job itself fast enough, a failure to determine the process for gaining commitments from direct reports and a failure to recognize and manage the impact of change on people.

Onboarding coaching of the newly recruited or promoted executive can turnaround this high rate of failure.

So what is professional coaching and how does it differ from consulting?

Download and listen to this MP3 recording of a recent interview of Coach Agno for the answer to that question.

Alexander the Great conquered and ruled the world but not because he was born a prince. He achieved greatness because a great man, Aristotle, taught him in a confidential and safe environment how to grasp success and run with it. It's no coincidence that Aristotle learned how to be successful from another great man, Plato. And Plato learned from Socrates...

So what does this mean for you?

You can drastically increase your chances of making the right decisions by bouncing off your ideas with someone you trust before taking action.

With an executive coach, you can explore the unintended consequences of your future actions in a safe and confidential manner. Mentoring and coaching is not lecturing. Coaching is personal training that helps you focus your natural abilities in the right direction. It allows your innerpotential to erupt outward through effective leadership.

A coach helps you see things you are missing, affirm whatever progress you have made, tests your perceptions and lets you know how you are doing.

Coaching Tip

What makes a good executive coach?

High-Level Business Experience

Click here for information on Coach John Agno.

For the relationship to work, Coach John Agno believes the executive and the coach must be peers. To be able to provide appropriate guidance, the coach should have not only worked in the corporate world, but also have held senior line positions.

Interpersonal Competencies
The coach must be adept at handling all sorts of complex, touchy interpersonal dynamics, at sizing up a situation quickly and dealing with a wide range of personalities.
Good listening skills are critical.

Executive coaching often involves discussing not only sensitive personal issues, but also high-level, strategic and confidential information. Honesty and the ability not to betray a confidence are essential.

Political Savvy
To be effective, executives must be able to navigate the tricky political waters of their organization. A competent coach needs to be up to helping him or her do that.

Flexibility and Creativity
You never quite know what's going to happen when lots of egos, ambitions and agendas collide. And that calls for the ability to turn on a dime, to come up with new solutions when necessary---or---to be able to discard ideas when they seem ineffective. At the same time, the coach should be comfortable with ambiguity, fast change and lots of uncertainty.

Tough Love
coaching is all about achieving real, bottom-line results. The coach needs to be able to confront tough issues, hold people accountable and demand tangible outcomes.

Comfort at the Top
Unless the coach can relate to upper management--and understands the expectations of boards and shareholders--he or she won't be able to grasp the subtleties of each coaching situation.

Organizational Insight
The goal of executive coaching is to strengthen a person's performance as it relates to both individual and corporate objectives.



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