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Discovering Your Life's Work

A sprout grows damp under the earth. It pokes through weak mud, following the light, gently leaning toward nourishment. The sprout unfurls. With its flesh, it creates stalks, leaves, flowers and fruits. It flourishes through a growing season and withers with the frost. With each moment, the growth of this plant unfolds, following innate design.

Likewise, each of us contains a blueprint for the continual discovery of our true nature and purpose. Our innate signature talents are the tools we can use to accomplish our life purpose. Part of us already knows the secret of our life blueprint but it remains unclear for most of us. However, if we allow our blueprint to unfold in its way, carefully encouraging its movements, time and nourishment, we will foster the development of an exceptional life.

What's Important to You?

At certain times in life, people take stock of where they are and where they want to go. Deciding what is important to us in our life's journey, including where we may be stuck, is the way to begin this life planning. The gift of knowing who you are and your life's work gives you the energy to transform your life.

You Get What You Tolerate

"I'll be happy when...." is the way many people think they are living their lives. Yet, happiness is not something that happens to you. Happiness is inside you now. You are motivated from within. You only have to allow happiness to surface.

Happiness = K (knowing who you are) X D (discovering your life's work) X L (learning not to tolerate what's not important).

That's the formula for happiness--know yourself, your true calling and that you get what you tolerate.

Only when you know who you are (your signature talents, your values, assumptions/beliefs, guiding principles, vision and passions) are you able to bring your true self to your professional and personal lives. Your life signature is the tracing of the talents we are given and how we express them in our lives.

In medicine you look at how "well tolerated" a drug will be related to its side effects. At work and at home, many people evaluate new opportunities related to what can be well tolerated. Yet after life, most people don't want their tombstone to read, "He tolerated stuff for other people because they paid him." Especially, when we realize that we can make more money and have more fun doing work that engages our passions. Life is too short for doing work you don't enjoy for people you don't respect.

Why not decide today, to live your life to its fullest?

To discover your life's work, go to: LifeSignature.com

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