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The Performance Review--a necessary evil?

The annual employee performance review can seem to be more important that it should be. Many employees consider their annual evaluation a necessary requirement for getting a pay raise. Employers often use the yearly employee review to determine promotions, justify raises and establish performance goals for the year. Unfortunately, the once a year performance review is often structured to give an employer all the power and put the employee on the defensive.

Does your employee evaluation process make a real difference?

Many people say that their company's performance evaluation system is not particularly helpful in improving job performance nor furthering organizational goals. Annual performance reviews are often ignored by the recipient or used as the basis for argument, contention and controversy. Managers see annual reviews as a necessary evil that takes time to complete and present to the employee--without resulting in significant changes or improvements.

Is there a way to improve your employee performance review process?

Yes! Employees want to succeed in their work. Most accept that goal-directed feedback is an effective means of guiding their work activities to be in concert with team, group and organizational goals. So, instead of a single evaluation from the boss, why not give employees feedback from many people who observe their on-the-job performance?

Applying individual observations and experiences, everyone involved in the work assessment can bring different perspectives to the employee's performance. Employee evaluations by relevant coworkers are called 360-degree feedback or multi-rater assessments. My experience in using 360-degree feedback from multiple work associates is highly motivating. Used as a springboard for personal development, the 360-degree feedback assessment can make a powerful impact on an individual's career while focusing work time and effort on organizational goals.

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