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There is a current that runs through everything. Some are aware of this energy but most are not.

Everything you experience in your environment is vibrational. Through your eyes, you translate vibration into what you see. Using your ears, you translate vibration into the sounds that you hear. Your nose, tongue and fingertips translate vibrations into smells, tastes and touches but your most sophisticated of vibrational interpreters are your emotions.

You "feel" whether you are allowing your full connection to this source energy or not. The better you feel, the more you are connected; the worse you feel, the less you are connected. Feeling good equals allowing the connection; feeling bad equals not allowing the connection. Your emotions provide a wonderful guidance system for you, and if you pay attention to them, you will be able to guide yourself to anything that you desire.

Every thought vibrates radiating a signal and every thought attracts a matching signal back. You understand this principle when you turn on your radio and deliberately tune your receiver to match a signal from a broadcasting tower. The radio vibrational frequency must match to connect. Whatever you are paying attention to causes you to emit a vibration. The key to attracting something you desire is to achieve vibrational harmony with what you desire. And the easiest way to achieve vibrational harmony with what you wish to attract is to imagine having it---by pretending that it is already in your experience. This principle of vibrational harmony is referred to as the Law of Attraction.

Every thought, every idea, is vibrational. So, when you focus your attention on something, you begin to reflect the vibration of what you are giving your attention to. When you understand the Law of Attraction, you expect what occurs in your experience since you have invited it in through your own thought process. Simply stated, the Law of Attraction is what you think you receive.

Source: "Ask and It Is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks (Hay House, Inc)

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"Each business experiences daily moments of truth...those brief moments that occur whenever a customer comes into contact with any aspect of the company and has an opportunity to form an impression."

Jan Carlzon

How effective is $190 billion of marketing?

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reveals that companies spend $190 billion annually to market to their customers. Many have installed customer relationship management (CRM) software in an attempt to develop close, personal and profitable relationships with customers.

Unfortunately, there is much we don't understand about the nature of the value exchange between our company and its customers. Because different people value different things, a company must understand what it must do to win each customer's business. We know that it costs 8 to 10 times as much money to get a new customer as it does to keep a current customer. Yet, the average business loses between 10% to 30% of their customers every year. The reason for this is customer satisfaction does not equal customer loyalty (see Seven Principles of Marketing). Of the customers who defect, 80% are actually satisfied with the company's service. So, how does a company build customer loyalty?

Moments-in-Time Matter

Customers are human. Every customer interaction is inherently unpredictable. Yet, every company needs to create a true dialog with its customer. As the customer relationship evolves over a series of interactions, the customer leaves many clues to guide the company in providing truly differentiated and personal attention.

In the business world, we don't speak much about the heart. Yet, our purpose in life's work should come from the heart---since all businesses are ultimately people serving people. People need connection, belonging and meaningful contribution. Long after the product or service has been delivered, the feelings remain for the customer.

The "moment-in-time" of every customer interaction is made up of: the experience, the customer and the customer's reaction to the experience. Therefore, the "experience" that the company orchestrates must be based upon a message of what is most important to the customer's heart and mind. Coming from the heart makes sense in life and in business.

The Art of Attractiveness

By creating attractive customer experiences, we are providing opportunities for a bonding response from the customer.

To deeply understand the foundation of a bonding response, let's take a look at what an intimate relationship is between two people. Intimacy is marked by close acquaintance, association or familiarity and characterized by informality and privacy. This essential, innermost human relationship can be experienced in a familiar glance, a private touch or even the smell of a close friend.

"This is one of the first looks into the biological basis for human attachment and bonding," said Rebecca Turner, Ph.D., University of California-San Francisco adjunct assistant professor of psychiatry and lead author of the study. "Our study indicates that oxytocin may be mediating emotional experiences in close relationships."

"It seems that having this hormone "available" during positive experiences, and not being depleted of it during negative experiences, is associated with well-being in relationships," said Turner.

In addition, women who were currently involved in a committed relationship experienced greater oxytocin increases in response to positive emotions than single women. The researchers speculate that a close, regular relationship may influence the responsiveness of the hormone, said Turner.


The Science: Emotional Brain Holds What is Attractive To Us

To attract is to cause to draw near or adhere. You know this but do you know the why and how of attraction?

Because human beings remember with neurons (the cells of nerve tissue), we are disposed to see more of what we have already seen, hear anew what we have heard most often, think just what we have always thought.

Within the brain, every mental activity consists of neutrons (electrically neutral subatomic particles) firing in a certain sequence. An "Attractor" is an association of ingrained links that can overwhelm weaker information patterns. If incoming sensory data provoke a quorum of the Attractor's units, they will trigger their teammates, who flare to brilliant life.

An Attractor can overpower other units so thoroughly that the network registers chiefly the incandescence of the Attractor, even though the fading, firefly traces of another pattern initially glimmered there. A network then registers strikingly new sensory information as if it conformed to past experience. In much the same way, our sun's blinding glare washes countless dimmer stars from the midday sky.

The limbic brain (i.e. the emotional brain) contains its emotional Attractors, encoded early in life. Primal bias then forms an integral part of the neural systems that view the emotional world and conduct relationships. If the early experience of a limbic network exemplifies healthy emotional interaction, its Attractors will serve as reliable guides to the world of workable relationships.

No individual can think his way around his own Attractors, since they are embedded in the structure of thought. And in human beings, an Attractor's influence is not confined to its mind of origin. The limbic brain sends an Attractor's sphere of influence exploding outward with the exuberance of a nova's gassy shell. Because limbic resonance and regulation join human minds together in a continuous exchange of influential signals, every brain is part of a local network that shares information--including Attractors.

Limbic Attractors thus exert a distorting force not only within the brain that produces them, but also on the limbic networks of others--calling forth compatible memories, emotional states and styles of relatedness in them. Through the limbic transmission of an Attractor's influence, one person can lure others into his emotional virtuality. All of us, when we engage in relatedness, fall under the gravitational influence of another's emotional mind with ours. Each relationship is a binary star, a burning flux of exchanged force fields, the deep and ancient influences emanating and felt, felt and emanating.

The limbic transmission of Attractors renders personal identity partially malleable---the specific people to whom we are attached provoke a portion of our everyday neural activity. Ongoing exposure to one person's Attractors does not merely activate neural patterns in another--it also strengthens them. Long-standing togetherness writes permanent changes into a brain's open book.

In a relationship, one mind revises another; one heart changes its partner. This astounding legacy of our combined status as mammals and neural beings is limbic revision: the power to remodel the emotional parts of the people we love, as our Attractors activate certain limbic pathways, and the brain's inexorable memory mechanism reinforces them.

Who we are and who we become depends, in part, on whom we love.

---Source: A General Theory of Love by Thomas Lewis, M.D., Fari Amini, M.D., Richard Lannon, M.D.

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The Brand is the Experience

Gone are the days of the geographically captive customer when merchants and service providers had the advantage of being the only place within driving distance. Today, even in cyberspace, the velvet-glove treatment is what your customers expect...or...they will shop elsewhere. Many companies today are shifting their resources to spend 70% devoted to creating a great customer experience and only 30% on marketing expenses. 




Why "brands" are everything:


* People categorize by brand (your brand-name needs to be within the top three of the category when the customer is ready to buy)

* People will go with what they know and trust (you need to leverage your established brand market presence)

* Let your customer win by establishing business processes that make it easy for the customer to be loyal to your brand (provide the customer many choices to do business with you)

* Continuously improve your branded goods and services (better, cheaper, faster) to bring customers back again and again.




Since competition is a matter of relations, the ability to structure and control the process of attractive experiences, that evolve into productive relationships, determines success. Brands are everything in symbolizing experiences by customers and prospective customers. Connection and coordination with customers matter. The manner in which the seller is connected with the buyer matters.

What do you want your customer experience to be?

Don't Fake It.

In today's environment of changing technology and evolving complexity, we don't have to fake it. Yet, we must keep growing our abilities to grasp the success we seek.

Learning what we don't know helps us to understand why we do what we do. As we become more self-aware, we can consciously choose how we wish to improve our lives.

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What is Success?

Only you know what's important in achieving your vision of success. However, we all seek shared outcomes to provide a foundation for where we want to be. Here is one client's definition of the foundation for his success:

"Have you ever watched, listened, and felt someone tuning a guitar or other string instrument? That is what it is like to have the good fortune of connecting with John Agno. He is a living tuning fork and you're that string instrument. Today, I have greater self awareness, am more in step with my calling, and better able to appreciate the journey, including the valleys, than ever before. Thanks, John for helping me get attuned with my LifeSignature."

You, too, can drastically increase your chances of succeeding in business and life when you learn from a coach or mentor – someone who once stood in your place and overcame all obstacles to earn success and happiness.

The common thread throughout history has been that you learn mastery performance from the master. Whatever quality or skill you want to develop, you "get it" by hanging out with people who have it.

Leadership coaching matters.

Leadership coaching by certified executive & business coach. Coaching Tip

Leadership development is not an event.

Albert Einstein once said, "We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles but no personality. It cannot lead; it can only serve."

Leaders know and science has discovered emotionality's deeper purpose: the timeworn mechanisms of emotion allow two human beings to receive the contents of each other's minds. Emotion is the messenger of love; it is the vehicle that carries every signal from one brimming heart to another.

Leadership happens in a series of interactive conversations that pull people toward becoming comfortable with the language of personal responsibility and commitment.

That is why leadership development is not an event. It is a process of participating in respectful conversations where the leader recognizes his or her own feelings and those of others in building safe and trusting relationships.

For human beings, feeling deeply is synonymous with being alive.

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