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Personal and Corporate Coaching options help clients discretely remove barriers to personal, professional and business development. Expected coaching outcomes for the person being coached are increased clarity and focus (by paying attention to your intentions), personalized learning, expanded awareness and designing the life you want to live. The organization experiences increased employee productivity.

Option 1: Corporate Coaching -- weekly executive and business coaching 1-hour sessions ($1,200/month-prepaid 6 month minimum). Corporate coaching for senior or C-suite executives is usually tied to the company's strategic initiatives, succession planning and retention strategies. The coach meets with each individual being coached on a weekly basis to determine the desired outcomes and put appropriate performance metrics in place. For some tips on picking the right coach, go to our Leadership Blog at

Option 2: Personal Coaching--weekly 1/2 hour telephone sessions ($600/month-prepaid 3 month minimum). Why Personal Coaching? Personal coaching of executives, professionals and small business owners is available in 30-minute weekly sessions by telephone at half the cost of the corporate coaching option above.

Option 3: Executive Onboarding Coaching --weekly 1/2 hour telephone sessions ($600/month-prepaid 3 month minimum). Personal onboarding coaching, available in 30-minute weekly sessions by telephone, is an investment in helping to ease newly hired or promoted executives into the workplace---through talking confidentially with a personal onboarding coach about personal fears, on-the-job challenges, and how best to smoothly integrate into the new corporate culture by building trust with direct reports, peers, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.