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Leadership development is self-development. An 800+ page leadership reference guide in ebook
or paperback edition contains self-coaching secrets to help you build your leadership skills.

Leadership is not just for people at the top. Everyone can learn to lead by discovering the
power that lies within each one of us to make a difference and being prepared when the call
to lead comes.

Leadership is applicable to all facets of life: a competency
that you can learn to expand
your perspective, set the context of a goal, understand the dynamics of human behavior
and take the initiative to
get to where you want to be.

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Self-coaching helps you develop your leadership skills, clarify your values and guiding
principles and build your reputation.
Self-knowledge provides the personal integrity to
engage in productive and authentic relationships.

So what is professional coaching and how does it differ from consulting?

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Effective leadership coaching can happen on the dance floor of conversation

Here are five guiding principles that guide respectful conversations:

1. When peers connect change happens. Effective coaching can happen on the
dance floor of conversation.

2. It's OK to begin a conversation by confronting the other person with questions
that seem awkward but set the stage for a respectful exchange. Why waste time
on small talk? Just ask to-the-point information-seeking questions, like: "What are
you here for? How do you want to spend our time together?"

3. Conversations are not meant to be structured. Be open to conversations that
you are unprepared for and focused on the interests of the other person (not your

4. Don't get pulled into solving problems that may not matter to the other person.
Allow time for the person to get to what's really important. Provide spaces where
they can express their doubts and fears by being a thoughtful listener--without
taking on the responsibility to fix or debate the issue. After all, you have invited
the person to talk about what matters to her or him, not you, so allow time for
the articulation of those thoughts and feelings.

5. Personal transformation happens when the right questions get asked--not by
providing answers. When you focus on the solution, you are trying to sell the person
something. When you allow people to answer their own questions, they discover
what they were not aware of---and what is needed to move forward. Personal
transformation leads corporate transformation--one person at a time.

That is why
leadership development is not an event. It is a process of participating
in respectful conversations where the leader recognizes his or her own feelings and
those of others in building safe and trusting relationships.

For human beings, feeling deeply is synonymous with being alive.

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To provide coaching tips in effective leadership. Leadership coach John Agno believes we must develop our leadership ability to achieve the success we seek. We can learn to pay more attention to our intentions. Getting to where we want to be happens by: gaining greater self-awareness, being on-purpose, building personal strengths and developing a sense of well-being.

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