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Here is what our coaching clients say....

"Have you ever watched, listened, and felt someone tuning a guitar or other string instrument? That is what it is like to have the good fortune of connecting with John Agno. He is a living tuning fork and you're that string instrument. Today, I have greater self awareness, am more in step with my calling, and better able to appreciate the journey, including the valleys, than ever before. Thanks, John for helping me get attuned with my life signature."

"John, I met with the neuro-psychologist tonight and she confirmed your diagnosis of A.D.D. for me. Good thing you stuck to your guns and kept me on about this. This may be the most significant breakthrough yet. She referred to me as a 'sleeper A.D.D. person.' I have gotten really really good at using my intelligence to cover the disorder. However, I do see the cost of this now in the incredible effort I have put forth to get to this point in my life. In many respects, I see that the disorder has driven many significant decisions and choices in every area of my life. I have settled for less many times because of this perceived weakness. She tells me my case is very treatable and I have good things to look forward to once we get started on the fix."

"I want to thank you for sending your wisdom to me for a year. It has been valuable. You write like a friend and I always look forward to it. I have used your thoughts to clarify my thinking and to inspire me. The days when things weren't going so well, your e-mail would lift my spirits. I have passed your messages on to others as many probably do. That way, your positive influence grows."

"Sometimes when I talk about "my coach," people are puzzled. Why would a coach need a coach? A coach needs a coach so she can be the best that she can be. But also so she can stay out of the way of her clients' progress. John has been my coach for the last three years, and I honestly cannot imagine what my world would look like now had I not been coached by him. He creates a safe space within which a person can sort out what's happening, discover what's important while helping his client become aware of when strengths are being overused. I thank you John, and because of your work with me, I can stay ready, able and willing to bring value to my clients."

"John, I want to thank you for helping me get focused. I feel like I'm getting a clearer sense of what my "glass" looks like every day. And as I make my daily choices, things seem to flow - I'm experiencing being in the "flow" which to me means that I'm aligned with the universe in the way that I need to be. It is a moment-by-moment choice to stay focused and connected with the power of the universe. And I notice/receive signs when I forget to focus...and then as soon as I'm back on track the magic begins again and all of a sudden I have time to get the things done that I want to get done. It is truly amazing!

I've said all this to say, I think I'm where I needed to get to with our coaching sessions. I was in a scattered place and now I feel focused and centered. The key things you shared with me that helped were - I don't have to be a superwoman and do it all, I need to define my special life purpose that only I can fulfill (glass) and fill it with meaningful activities, pour my life into that purpose, make my choices based on my life purpose; also the profile has become more helpful as I've had a chance to reflect on it and observe my behaviors; and I must say the weekly sessions gave a sort of discipline to studying/reading/reflecting/writing to get in tune with myself, which I normally would not have made the time for."

"John, Just a quick note to say thank you again for all your help in understanding more about myself. I have landed a job at an air freight forwarder. This is the same business that I was in before with some differences. I am in marketing currently, with a focus towards managing the future expansion of the department. I used all the skills we discussed during our meetings to express how I can effectively do the job.

I would like the opportunity to continue to meet with you, your help has been invaluable. I will talk to you soon. Thanks Again"

"John: I interviewed with _____________ this morning and think it went well. They said I should know something in a week or two. You have been very kind, a great resource and have given me a lot to think about as my life moves forward."

"Hi John, I was thinking of you the other day, then I got this e-mail from you. I wanted to give you an update on my book. If you recall, I had a strong outlline and had begun some of the preliminary work. I had put my tips into chapters-a chapter for each month of the year. I put it aside because I felt my pictures were too amateurish, I'm not saying anything new, can't afford to publish it, who would read it? Blah, blah, blah!

About a month ago, one of my artist friends called me on it. When are you going to do your book? I took my preliminary stuff to the next watercolor group get-together and showed my work to them. They love it and have all sorts of wonderful suggestions. I feel like I'm surrounded by consultants. I decided to really honker down on my book. The intro and the first two months are done. I am working on getting my art work into digital format and hope to have it camera ready before the end of the year. This is doable. I thought you might be interested in finding out what had grown from the seeds that you had planted! Thank you for your support."

"Hi John, We have made some major life decisions. That means, I am putting my training and consulting business on hold. More important, my husband and I are on the same wavelength, instead of going in opposite directions. We've completed one joint project and are busy investigating possibilities.

You helped me focus with your tough questions. I needed that. It has been a struggle for me since leaving employment where I didn't have to think, just do. Answering your questions led to more questions. Just how do I want to spend the rest of my life? Thanks for your help."

"I have come to learn that to cancel a coaching session is to lose energy for a week and to lose focus. My coaching sessions are a way of clearing out any feelings or uncertainties in my week. They are a way of moving any negative energy from within me as talking out loud helps how I am feeling and where I am at and to stay present.

I often hear myself telling my coach that it’s painful sometimes to have to be brutally honest with myself and as he always explains, it’s best to be honest with your coach as they are a sound board for you. Let’s think about this concept for a moment. If I didn’t have a coach then this conversation would be going on internally, with my inner self talk. As we all know inner self talk goes round and round and doesn’t actually go anywhere except in a negative energy field. It spirals down into a conversation of justifying and explaining why I shouldn’t do something. Controlling our inner self talk takes great skill.

Thus is the purpose of a coach. It is a conversation that is directed outwards and when we hear ourselves speak we gain clarity as to where we are going and what we are thinking and feeling. My coach asks me questions that get me to explore depths to my thoughts and to my feelings. He allows me a safe and supportive space to test ideas and thoughts.

In the last 12 months I have achieved more things than I have ever achieved through regular, decisive coaching. To not have coaching feels like not eating or nurturing myself. Its just not possible."

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