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Power Of Unconditional Love

- Joy Of Living - No More Stress Just Happiness -

Step One - Declare the day a joyful day when you wake up!
Step Two - Speak the truth with love!
Step Three - Ask questions. Listen with understanding. Think in silence. Love One Another.
Step Four - Do not give permission for anger, fear, sadness, and hurt to take away your joy.
Step Five - Resolve conflicts by thinking this thought - Thank You. There is a lesson to be learned. What are you trying to teach me?
Step Six - Restore and rebuild relationships by asking the person what you can do to make the relationship better.
Step Eight - Know that distress is caused by having to be right, by finding fault, by trying to control and manipulate, and by being selfish.
Step Nine - Stop doing things that cause stress. Give up bad habits.
Say I want to stop. With humility say I can’t stop. Ask for the desire to do certain things be taken away. Go and do random acts of kindness.
Step Ten - Practice the Seven Super Powers that you have the power to control. You have the power to control your attitude, communications, truth, love, encouragement, forgiveness, and humility.
Step Eleven - Use these 21 wonderful words as often as possible:
I’m wrong. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. You’re welcome. Please. What is your opinion? I love you. I am. Forgive.
Step Twelve - Know the power of love lives inside you. Know you were created for relationships and to love one another no matter what.

Positive Peaceful Partners -
April 1, 2006 - Robert Moyers

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