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Our life signature is the tracing of the talents we
are given and how we express them in our lives.

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"What Should I Do with My Life?" (Random House)

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In highly developed countries, there is a growing percentage of people thinking about the meaning of life. This genuine spiritual concern is broader than traditional views of religion practiced in numerous countries of the world. Yet, it is unclear to most how they want to live their life in a meaningful way.

A Redirection of Focus

A Newsweek-Beliefnet poll taken in August 2005 reveals that of 1,004 Americans, 55 percent consider themselves "religious and spiritual," while another 24 percent describe themselves as "spiritual." Two thirds say they pray daily and a third meditate. Prayer, meditation, chanting, visualization are all about focusing attention to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

You can use the power of your thoughts to focus on potentially positive outcomes, instead of potentially negative ones, and change your life. Is it time to turn your attention toward intentions you'd really like to make happen?

Marlee Matlin, the "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" movie actress who portrays the young woman learning how to apply the power of intention in her own life, says, "I've learned to eliminate things that don't give me good energy. Some of us want to overcome our addictions, and some like them. It all depends on who you are and who you want to be."

"I'll be happy when...." is the way many people think they are living their lives. Yet, happiness is not something that happens to you. Happiness is inside you now. You are motivated from within. You only have to allow happiness to surface.

Happiness = K (knowing who you are) X D (discovering your life's work) X L (learning not to tolerate what's not important).

That's Coach John Agno's formula for happiness--know yourself, your true calling and that you get what you tolerate.

You Get What You Tolerate

In medicine you look at how "well tolerated" a drug will be related to its side effects.  At work and at home, many people evaluate new opportunities related to what can be well tolerated. Yet after life, most people don't want their tombstone to read, "He tolerated stuff for other people because they paid him."  Especially, when we realize that we can make more money and have more fun doing work that engages our passions.  Life is too short for doing work you don't enjoy for people you don't respect.
"No man is born into the world whose work is not born with him." James Russell Lowell

The message is: Life is not a dress rehearsal. You can solve your problems using the mind you know you have. You can stop seeking answers outside yourself. You can look within.

Coaching Tip So Baby Boomer

Our reason for being is:  

To help people really know themselves and their life's work...pay attention to their intentions...get from where they are to where they want to be...and...have greater self-awareness, be on purpose, develop their signature talents and embrace a sense of well-being.

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We live in an economy where we don't have to tolerate jobs we hate. For the most part, we get to choose. But that choice isn't about a job search so much as an identity quest. So, don't be cursed because of your tremendous ability and infinite choice of jobs. Decide what you can devote your life to and then live your dream.

There are too many smart, educated, talented people operating at a slow speed in jobs they are just tolerating.

They have put their dream in a lock box so they could go out an make a ton of money to support the big house, the expensive cars, the summer/winter place, the private schools, etc. The unfortunate outcome of following this path, is that they become emotionally invested in that world--and don't really want to ditch it by opening up the lock box and letting their dream surface.

"The majority of people utilize their life experiences to elaborate and express the variations of their native energy field; it's a rare individual who manages to move beyond it, although many may make considerable internal improvement. Motivation proceeds from meaning, and meaning, in turn, is an expression in context. Thus, achievement is bounded by context, which, when correspondingly aligned with motivation, determines the individual's relative power. Although it is not ordinary to move out of one energy field into another during one's lifetime, the opportunity still exists. It remains for motivation to activate that potential; without the exercise of choice, no progression will occur." Power vs. Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.


"Nothing happens unless first a dream." Carl Sandburg

Remember when you believed that you could change the world? Where are those dreams and aspirations of youth? You may feel you are now ready for a life makeover but are not sure what the changes should be. But you know you want more than what is.

Personal and business success starts with answering the question: "What should I do with my life?"

Po Bronson, author of "What Should I Do with My Life?" (Random House), tells us that some people keep from finding themselves because they feel guilty for simply taking this question seriously. Many people feel guilty for obsessing about what kind of work they should do. It feels self-indulgent. Yet, people succeed by unleashing a productive, creative and focused energy that flows from the inside-out to work at things they love doing.

By analyzing yourself and discovering your life signature, you can focus your power to coordinate spirit, mind and body in living your purpose.

The shortest route to living the good life involves building the confidence that you can live happily within your means.

Contact Life Signature Coach John Agno to schedule a free 20-minute telephone conversation and explore achieving clarity and focus, personalize learning, expand your awareness and design the life you want to live.

Sooner or later, we all yearn to break out of our secure harbors.

The heart moves beyond the familiar and convenient into more adventurous realms of possibility. If we don't break out, our future will always remain in the hands of someone else...not as something we claim fully as our own. Living our life with a deeper understanding draws us to realize our ideals, walk our talk, and act in accord with what we know to be true.

"Dreams are the touchstones of our characters." Thoreau

What is love?





Are you ready to live your life to its fullest?  

"Those who succeed in revealing themselves to another find the dimness receding from their own visions of self. Like people awakening from a dream, they slough off the accumulated, ill-fitting trappings of unsuitable lives. Then the mutual fund manager may become a sculptor, or visa versa; some friendships lapse into dilapidated irrelevance as new ones deepen; the city dweller moves to the country, where he feels finally at home. As the emotional brain clarity emerges, life takes form." A General Theory of Love by Thomas Lewis M.D., Fari Amini, M.D., Richard Lannon, M.D.

Here is what two clients had to say about the life signature coaching experience:

"John, Just a note to say thanks for all of your help. Life is too short to work for idiots!"

"Have you ever watched, listened, and felt someone tuning a guitar or other string instrument? That is what it is like to have the good fortune of connecting with John Agno. He is a living tuning fork and you're that string instrument. Today, I have greater self awareness, am more in step with my calling, and better able to appreciate the journey, including the valleys, than ever before. Thanks, John for helping me get attuned with my life signature."

Isn't it time you got unstuck and got going toward living a passionate life?

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"I do what many dream of, all their lives." Browning's poem "Andrea del Sarto"

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