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 LifeSignature Defined

"You can't control the wind, but you can adjust your sails." Yiddish proverb




Our LifeSignature is the tracing of the talents we are given and how we express them in our lives.

"Use your gifts faithfully, and they shall be enlarged; practice what you know, and you shall attain to higher knowledge." Matthew Arnold

Successfully addressing life's challenges  

Putting our talents together with our interests, skills, values beliefs and assumptions, personal style, the influence of our family of origin, our goals and our stage of development determines how we will address the challenges and opportunities that life presents.

Awareness of the influence of each of these factors on the decisions we make in our lives moves us from being passive recipients of what life brings us to knowledgeable and active participants in the framing of our lives. Clarifying our awareness of these factors leads to a sense of identity out of which we can discover and respond to our life purpose.

We have all experienced what it is like to do something that "suits" us. We are energized and enthusiastic. We draw from the energy pool that is in us and surrounds us. In those activities, we are creative, effective, satisfied and have a sense of meaning and accomplishment that stands out from the rest of our lives.

For a few people this is their life. They move forward with a sense of purpose that is aligned with who they are, they attend to their mental, spiritual, physical and emotional needs with respect and consistency. For the rest of us, it will require focused attention and devoted intention to discover our identity and define our life purpose. And it will take dedication and determination to live our lives according to this identity and purpose.

What are your abilities, talents and strengths?

Signature Abilities

Those physical or mental activities that come quickly and easily.

They are natural or innate

They are fully available by 14 years of age

They do not change over the course of our lives

Defining them helps us make the most of our lives

They can be measured with work samples

They come together to determine our talents

Signature Talents

Any recurring pattern of thought, feeling or behavior that can be productively applied.

They are created by the connections in your brain.

They are enduring

They serve as filters through which we sort and sift the world

Using them feels like being in the flow or zone

Signature Strengths

Consistent, near perfect performance in an activity.

A combination of talents, knowledge and skills

You will excel only by maximizing your strengths, never by fixing your weaknesses.


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