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LifeSignature Seminars 

"Change is inevitable; progress is optional."




  LifeSignature Seminar  

Don't make a major life decision before attending one.

What is the LifeSignature process and why would I be interested?

LifeSignature addresses people's need to identify what is most important to them and how to best live their lives.

LifeSignature Seminars provide a 3-hour interactive discussion on this quest for meaning --- a search for the purpose, passion and excitement of life. Participants are encouraged to unlock their dreams for their lives. Financial success, social status, career recognition and family satisfaction may be a part of the dream, but for many, something is missing.

Discovering and using your strengths is the surest path to success and satisfaction.

USA Today reports that personal growth is hot. Diagnosis is not. That is one reason America has seen a boom in the number of people turning to "life coaches" to gain the confidence to get unstuck --- to change careers, repair relationships, or simply get their act together.

Most people have a perspective that is skewed toward weakness which is deeply rooted in their education and upbringing. Life coaching is on the side of strengths, the side of what we are good at, the side of what makes life worth living. You will only reach excellence by understanding and cultivating your signature talents.

What if you had natural talents--talents you were born with? You had nothing to do with them. However, you have a great deal to do with developing them into strengths. It is your opportunity to discover your natural signature talents and transform them through focus, practice and learning into consistent high performance. For background on signature talents, please read the business bestseller, Now, Discover Your Strengths (Free Press, 2001).

For many, the recent tragic events in the world has led to serious reflection regarding the purpose of their lives. Consideration of what really matters has become a priority. Knowing that there are many others pondering this question and having an opportunity to share this discovery process with them is proving very helpful.

The LifeSignature seminar is about what people really want out of their life. It is not about how we "should live" but about the way we "want to live" from here forward. Focusing on what matters helps us reach clarity and gives us the energy to transform our lives.

Participants are encouraged to unlock their dreams for their lives. Financial success, social status, career recognition and family satisfaction may be a part of the dream, but for many, something is missing. For more information on the LifeSignature elements, click here.

Here is what one client says about the LifeSignature coaching process:

"Have you ever watched, listened, and felt someone tuning a guitar or other string instrument? That is what it is like to have the good fortune of connecting with John Agno. He is a living tuning fork and you are that string instrument. Today, I have greater self awareness, am more in step with my calling, and better able to appreciate the journey, including the valleys, then ever before. Thanks, John for helping me get attuned with my LifeSignature." Tash Uray, Chicago, IL

To be prepared for a LifeSignature Seminar, participants are requested to bring their answers to the following tough questions:

*If you were on your deathbed and you wanted to tell your children -- or the young people to whom you are close -- the three most important things that you've learned in your life, what would they be?

*What gives you the greatest joy, satisfaction and renewal in your life and how could you do more of it?

*Who are you without your job, your money? Describe in detail.

*What activities could you add to your life that would be a source of richness and joy!

*Think of someone you admire deeply--and explain why.

For more information

To schedule a LifeSignature seminar for your group, please contact John Agno, certified business and executive coach, by sending an email message to info@LifeSignature.com or a voice mail message at 734.426.2000

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