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LifeSignature Seminars are available to sponsoring organizations on a contractual basis. For more information, please contact us directly by sending an email message to info@LifeSignature.com

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Don't make a major life decision before engaging in a LifeSignature coaching conversation.

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Please note that coaching plans may be given as a gift to someone important to you.

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What does LifeSignature coaching cost?


Coaching Process


3 Month Personal Coaching Plan

1/2 hour individual telephone coaching conversations per week


Signature Series Learning Program

Self-directed learning over 6 months guided by certified coach


3 Month Personal Coaching Plan

Weekly 1-hour individual telephone coaching conversations


"To find out what one is fitted to do and to secure an opportunity to do it is the key to happiness." John Dewey

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You can now order 3 month or 6 month weekly individual coaching plans for yourself or special people in your life.
To purchase, select the coaching plan of interest below:
3 month personal coaching plan for 1/2 hour telephone individual coaching sessions
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Signature Series Learning Program for self-directed learning over six month period
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3 month personal coaching plan for 1 hour telephone individual coaching sessions
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6 month executive coaching plan
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To sample what a LifeSignature coaching relationship can do for you or someone you love, take advantage of our Gift Certificate to participate in a 5-day intensive New Habit Week Program telephone coaching experience for only $495:

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Getting to know you?

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