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"To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life." Baruch Spinoza
Steven Spielberg says, "The single, most important thing you need to be successful is to know yourself."


LifeSignature Coaching and Seminars

Signature Series* Learning Program

Six months of self-directed learning guided by a certified coach

First Month: What is the LifeSignature model and how can it help me get where I want to be?

Second Month: Who am I? What are my signature talents?

Third Month: What is my LifeSignature?

Fourth Month: What are the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional rituals that will keep me attuned to my LifeSignature?

Fifth Month: What must change to get me where I want to be in living my LifeSignature?

Eleventh Month: Six-month checkup on progress in crossing the bridge to where I want to be.

Program Details:

This self-directed learning program is only for those who are ready, willing and able to commit the time, resources and effort necessary to discover their LifeSignature. The participant in the program does the work and the coach guides the participant through six to eight 30-minute telephone conversations, in addition to email exchanges. The cost of the Signature Series Progam requires a prepaid fee of $1,900 US, the purchase of up to $100 US of books and the participant is expected to pay telephone charges for the six to eight personal coaching sessions.

During the program, the participant can be expected to go through a discovery process of uncovering an ideal vision of him or herself to feel motivated to develop the abilities to sustain the new LifeSignature. That is, the person sees who s/he wants or is meant to be---living with the newly discovered LifeSignature. This becomes the source of the energy required to work at the difficult and often frustrating process of change.

The first step in the process is to look in the mirror to discover who you actually are now--how the current situation is making you act, how others view you and what your deep beliefs comprise. Some of this reflection will represent gaps between who you are and who you want or are meant to be.

The realization of the gap(s) prepares you for developing an agenda or plan of action needed for the detailed guidance on what new rituals to try each day to make the newly discovered LifeSignature sticky--building on your strengths and moving you closer to your ideal.

Others help us see things we are missing, affirm whatever progress we have made, test our perceptions and let us know how we are doing. They provide the context for our practice of the new rituals. Although the model is called self-directed learning, without others' involvement, lasting change can't occur.

The Signature Series Learning Program, helps the participant to visualize the newly discovered LifeSignature, reflect on where s/he is today, develop an action plan to move from here to there and to determine who can be of help to allow the lasting change to occur. The participant has complete responsibility to lead and manage the self-directed learning process. The Signature Series Learning Program only provides the form in which to pour the foundation for change.

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