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"With the new paradigm we can say that the essence of people is their consciousness. You might ask how can people possibly make good decisions about themselves and their organizations if they're not fully conscious? When we talk about developing our human assets, developing our people, the bottom line is to develop their consciousness. This is not something that is considered in most organizations." by Ralph Kilmann, author of the new book, "Quantium Organizations"



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LifeSignature Stories
To help you think and feel about what's important in your personal and professional lives.


More Stories and some Tough Questions
Reading these stories and answering a few tough questions can help you decide what's important to you.


Paradigm Shifting Stories (secrets of excellence) and Resources
Use these secrets of world class excellence and links to the resources you need. Connect with and learn from people who can provide you the actionable knowledge to get you where you want to be.

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